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My happily ever after starts with you. ...

Marriage is an adventure that stays between the husband and wife, and their wedding is one of the few times people can see a glimpse of their love. We would not know how a couple will write their story but we want to be there to capture the beginning of a new chapter.


A birthday is always special. No matter how young or old the celebrant is, a day of celebrating their birth will always be a special and joyous event. It is a day where people can thank the person for being born and wishing them a long and prosperous life. It is a day that celebrates a year of memories and anticipating another year of experiences.

We celebrate birthdays for the passing of years but we also freeze time to relive the moments.


Debuts are when we welcome children to adulthood. It is when we celebrate the transition of a girl to a woman. Turning 18 can be a grand celebration or it can be a simple party. No matter how big or small the celebration is, what’s important is who the debutante celebrates it with – the people she loves, cares, and thankful for.

It is the time where every person she considers important to her life is gathered, and it should be definitely a memory preserved.


We live in a digital world where every photo, every memory is stored in a computer or in a cellphone. However, once in a while, we want a tangible reminder of these memories; a printed picture that we wish to hang on our walls. Special moments captured that we wish to fill our homes with because these memories are what represents our home, our lives.

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