Hazel + Carlo by Naithan Cordero

Hazel and Carlo had their relaxing prenuptial shoot in Anawangin Cove, Zambales. They are definitely a perfect match in love, they enjoyed a barefoot stroll along the beach showing off how they cherished each other.

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Katriz Pre-Debut by Naithan Cordero

Katriz predebut shoot in La Mesa Eco Park proved that she's not a young girl anymore. Her pictorial which is nature inspired that compliments her beauty has a laid back yet enchanting feel in it. Her coolness showed that she is confidently ready to enter adulthood.

Enderun Titan's Week by Naithan Cordero

Boring isn’t in Titan’s vocabulary. On September 19 to 23, students from different levels gathered in the Titan Hall and supported their best athletes in Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball and even in Dodge ball. Who would have expected a giant slide and a mechanical bull to end the day? Titans assured a fun and no ordinary week. They’ve ended the celebration in a fun thrilling party with a live band playing and their future chefs serving the night’s menu.

Miriam College by Naithan Cordero

Students of Miriam College were overflowing with talents. During the general assembly, they showcased different kinds of talents like acting, dancing and singing that livened up the audience.

Andrei Baptism by Naithan Cordero

Ching family’s second child, Andrei Lincoln was baptized at Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church. Joined by relatives and few of his parents close friends, the reception took place at the One Rockwell West Tower. The celebration was solemn and simple. There were games, a magic show and a photo booth that made it fun and lively.

Mara turns 1 by Naithan Cordero

It was an afternoon filled with fun and magic as Mara celebrated her first birthday with the theme “under the sea”. She sure looked like a princess dressed in a beautiful pink gown. Despite the bad weather and heavy traffic, guests made it to the venue and wished Mara happiness and more blessings.