Pre-Graduation Shoot

Reminisce, cherish and put on hold ...

Reminisce hard works, cherish success and put on hold this precious priceless moment.

"put everything in place and just smile for the camera."

She is a slim, tall lady with a bright complexion. She is a smart, outgoing person who dedicates a lot of her time to her academics. She’s also simple and a silent girl who loves to live life to the fullest that’s why she wants to explore things on her own. She’s witty,and insightful woman. In fact, she is part of the honor student of the graduating class. During her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends. She is responsible and diligent at tasks given to her, and can easily understand instructions given to her She loves to tell great stories and a kind of woman who gets all your jokes. You can easily recognise her in the crowd because of her benevolent smile.. Now that she just graduated, she is now preparing for the CPA Licensure exam. She dreams big