Rancho Cordero


Come on and lets ranch out!

Rich agricultural

practice Versatile and majestic trees

How can you not love nature?

Hang all the memories

It's more fun in the Philippines....


The man behind Rancho Cordero is Dr. George Cordero, also the acting President of Philippine College of Health and Sciences. He started to build this beautiful place so he could have a retirement home in the future. The said farm is located at Tanay, Rizal, a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila and it is nestled between the mountains of Sierra Madre. The property is surrounded by literally tall trees and herbs. The birds chirping and the smell of fresh air around added excitement to anyone who will visit this place. This is a place for relaxation and meditation because it offers alluring scenery that could help you forget all the problems you have. Two years from now, visitors all over the world will surely visit this place. By that time, cottages, retreat houses, hotels, firing range, restaurants and other great activities will be made possible in this area.